Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Duke & Work

When we first got Mr. Duke, he used to come to work with me because he was too little to stay at the apartment for so many hours. He used to be really really good when he came, but as he got older he got braver and would sneak around behind my back. This led to trouble with my little puggle!

Last time I brought him to work I tied him up out front so he wouldn't sneak off. Wouldn't you know it, but I went in the back of the shop to do something and I turned around and Duke was right at my heels. He had chewed right through his leash. Great.

He also discovered his voice one day at work with me and barked at everyone who came through the door. His separation anxiety didn't help much either, I couldn't step out for a moment without him yipping and panicking at the door. Our shop is also located right next to a couple restaurants... so perhaps other angry shop owners might make Duke the lunch special.

It is nice having him here. I don't like to be alone at night (or during the dark hours) so he's a friend at those times. Plus it's cute to watch him sit in the window and watch people walk by. Everyone usually kneels down to say hello to him on the other side of the window. People think they are super funny when they peak their heads in and ask, "how much is that doggy in the window?!?!?!" Ha... ha.... It's okay though, I like it when the customers ask me where the Dukester is and how he is doing.

It's been about a month since Duke has come to work with me. I'm hoping neutering will help his problems because it's not everyday that your bosses allow you to bring your dog to work. If only he'd behave!

Here's a shot of him in his bed at work when he was behaving (though I'm sure the expression on his face indicates he just did something bad!).


Eduardo said...

OMD Duke if my Daddy let me go to work with him I would run wild! My Mommy is at home with me during the day & when she leaves for any amount of time I just go insane on her when she returns! Your a lucky pup Duke! Behave so your Mommy doesn't leave you at home!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Bruschi said...

Oh Duke you are so lucky that you get to go to work with your mommy!! No doggies allowed in my mommy's office building, and daddy is a firefighter so he is too busy to have me there at the station with him. I have always been fine home alone and once I turned a year and a half, they gave me free reign of the whole house! I am so lazy that I never get into trouble. Sometimes mommy leaves me on her bed and when she gets home 8 hours later, I am still there! BOL! (And her bed is too high for me to jump on so it's not like I pretend I've been there all day!) Once you are a little older, you will feel ready to stay home alone. don't worry Duke....it's not that bad!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi