Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poor Neglected Dukie

It's been awhile since I've updated poor Dukie's Blog. Fiance and I are getting married next Saturday, so wedding plans have seriously gotten way out of hand, and poor Duke feels as if he is being neglected. See?

This is a common Duke expression when we are at the apartment.

He likes to climb on my lap when I am working on my laptop. See him sneering at me? (I'm working on the wedding program on my laptop, haha)

Another cute attention getting ploy.

We didn't even put him in the back, I held him when we visited fiancĂ©'s parents this weekend because he was whining in the back.

Again, he pushes his head in between my legs when I'm sitting on the couch working on wedding stuff.

There is fiance working on wedding stuff on his laptop. Poor neglected Duke is vying for his attention with a toy next to him (if you look closely you can see him sneering again!)

Wedding will be over soon. We are boarding him during the wedding so he doesn't get lost in all the guests. We found this really awesome place in Maine to take him. It reminds me alot of like a doggy day & night camp (I'll post pix later). He isn't going to want to come home! Then when we are on our honeymoon he is staying with FiancĂ©'s parents and their dogs, Triton and Dinoco... again he isn't going to want to come home!

It'll be over soon bud, I promise.