Thursday, November 27, 2008

Duke is a Turkey!

It's a bird, it's a plane.... no it's just a flying Duke! He is such a turkey! But just like turkeys, Duke can't really fly.

Finally gave him a bath last night. We couldn't bathe him because of his surgery (had to wait 2 weeks), but we decided that he really needed a bath before Thanksgiving. It was so gross. He was so oily and dirty the water just beaded off him. We scrubbed him though so the Dukester is extremely clean now.

Duke isn't a huge fan of baths, so I didn't dare bring the camera in the bathroom! I got some stuff from before and after his bath though (hense the image above).

He's drying himself on my carpet.

He uses his nails like fingers and grips the carpet to drag himself across it.

At least he smells good now!

Happy to Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for my family, my wonderful fiance and our puppy, both bring so much joy to my life!

Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Duke & Work

When we first got Mr. Duke, he used to come to work with me because he was too little to stay at the apartment for so many hours. He used to be really really good when he came, but as he got older he got braver and would sneak around behind my back. This led to trouble with my little puggle!

Last time I brought him to work I tied him up out front so he wouldn't sneak off. Wouldn't you know it, but I went in the back of the shop to do something and I turned around and Duke was right at my heels. He had chewed right through his leash. Great.

He also discovered his voice one day at work with me and barked at everyone who came through the door. His separation anxiety didn't help much either, I couldn't step out for a moment without him yipping and panicking at the door. Our shop is also located right next to a couple restaurants... so perhaps other angry shop owners might make Duke the lunch special.

It is nice having him here. I don't like to be alone at night (or during the dark hours) so he's a friend at those times. Plus it's cute to watch him sit in the window and watch people walk by. Everyone usually kneels down to say hello to him on the other side of the window. People think they are super funny when they peak their heads in and ask, "how much is that doggy in the window?!?!?!" Ha... ha.... It's okay though, I like it when the customers ask me where the Dukester is and how he is doing.

It's been about a month since Duke has come to work with me. I'm hoping neutering will help his problems because it's not everyday that your bosses allow you to bring your dog to work. If only he'd behave!

Here's a shot of him in his bed at work when he was behaving (though I'm sure the expression on his face indicates he just did something bad!).

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Magical Unmaking of the Bed

This is the saga of how Duke cannot stand it when I make our bed. He usually starts by playing with his toys on the bed, then he'll dig and spin and twirl until he's managed to raise the covers some. He then goes head first under them and does the same thing until the whole bed is a mess.

"Who, me?"

Under the covers.

Dig dig dig dig dig....


"You think a face like this would do something like that?!"

In other news, his neutering incision is healing extremely well. Hopefully it finishes healing soon because Duke really really really needs a bath. The beagle is definitely coming out!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In the beginning...

Here are some relics! Haha. Day one of Duke!

So the story goes that we got Duke, but we were also recruited to bring Duke's brother to his owner's too. Duke's brother's name is Max.

Fiance and the Dukester. He was the first one we picked up to test his chip!

Max's family says Hello!

Duke smelled like farm, so we gave him a bath in the sink... That may have been the only time we did that.

Duke is the one on the right chewing on his brother.

Doesn't he already look like mischief at 7 weeks?

He only gets bigger from here...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This entry is a tad crude, but amusing.

Duke went to the vet yesterday and got neutered. Everything went better than textbook and he came home yesterday. It's kind of cool because they don't use stitches anymore to close animals back up (humans too apparently according to Dr. Future-Sister-in-Law). The vet actually just glued his incision back together!

He's pretty drowsy, like last night all he wanted to do was cuddle and sleep. This morning he woke up and started to push his ball around then decided he wasn't quite ready to play.

Here are some pictures to, eh, tribute to Duke's bits and pieces that are no longer.

Playin' with the dogs

Diggin' under the couch

Came home from work today to see him. He looked at me with his big brown eyes. And I felt really really bad we put him through this.

Then he rolled over and started playing with his toys and licked me.
He'll be allll good in a couple days. Then it's onto exploring dog parks and making more friends.

NOTE: We took Duke to a friend's apartment tonight, thinking he'd sleep because he was on medicine... nope, ran around like a monkey the whole time, but I'm glad to see it took less than a day for him to get back to his normal self.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Puppy Graduation!!!

Last night was puppy graduation from PetSmart! Duke did really really well.

He just learned how to shake. *Paw*

This was not a required move, but Duke walks on two feet!

Puppy in a hat! He didn't really know what was going on accept for the hat was too big and kept falling over his eyes. Fiance had to hold him so he didn't squirm and eat the hat.

We got a magnetic bumper sticker to show our pride. I think it's kind of like "my honors kid can beat up your high honors kid." Or something like that.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

King of the Bed!

Fiance is away this weekend. Which means.... Duke gets to cuddle in bed! Or own the bed. He's funny because when I get up in the morning, he usually stays in bed for another hour or so.

He was totally sleeping on the pillows before I woke him up!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Laser Time

This post is all about Duke's love for the laser.

"Is it time to play?"

Go Duke Go!!!



Have your ever heard your dog tongue before? This was a new one for me. The first couple times we'd play laser with him, Duke would start "kind of" barking at it when we'd whooosh the laser near us. It's very high pitched and a constant noise. Fiance's parent said it is called "tonguing." I tried looking it up and couldn't find anything so it might have a different name, but it's a hunting term!

It's the beagle coming out in him really. He's making a constant noise so we (the hunters) can see the laser (rabbit) and can shoot it or catch it. Our puppy is providing for us!!! Haha. Fiance's Mom says he also does it when he chases Triton and Dinco, but I've never heard him do it around them.

Time to feed the pooch.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Selling books

"Oops, did I step in your shot? Why are you taking pictures of ugly books and not me?!"

Duke tries to help me sell my old textbooks on ebay!!! He just wanted to be in the picture.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Tidbits

Duke's First Halloween!
"Do I really have to go out there?"

"MOM! I think I look silly."

"If I do a trick will you give me candy too?"

"This makes me the happiest!!!"

Happy post Halloween! Now onto November which brings neutering and graduation from puppy class!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Visiting the Boys!

While Fiance cleans the car out for our trip to his parents (a whole 15 minutes down the road), Duke is cowering on my lap waiting for him to return. He'll be okay because he is going to play with his Uncles today, Triton and Dinoco. They are both show dogs, and Triton has just become a champion! Well, Duke can never be a champion, but the other two dogs love him anyway.

We spent Halloween at their house. Triton and Dinoco didn't dress up, but Duke wore his purple monkey costume for most of the night! I left my camera there, but when I bring it back there will be a good show!