Monday, December 8, 2008

Away from my Duke! (and hunny)

So the very sad news is my desktop's (aka ZEUS) hard dive crashed at the beginning of the week. Like complete utter failure, completely gonezoed. It was a 500 gig drive, and it was about 430 gigs full. All my pictures were backed up, which is good, and some other stuff, but I lost a ton of documents and who knows what else. *sigh* Warranties are nice (brand spankin' new hard drive for free) and holiday sales are also nice because I've now purchased a terabyte and a half of backup space so this will never happen again, or when it does happen again I don't lost ANYTHING.

So that being the first tragedy, the second is I will not see my puppy again until after December 27th! Because it is the holidays, I have flown home to Maine until after Christmas. The problem with that is my fiancee and my Duke are left in Philadelphia without me! Duke will be spending alot of time with his Uncles, Triton and Dinoco. When he goes over to their house, he does much running and not much sleeping so he is very very tired when he finally makes it back to the apartment.

Originally they were going to come up and visit me while I'm in Maine, but work things happen and it is undetermined if they will be making the trip up here. That is A TON of days without my family!!!

So unless my fiancee sends me mucho photos of my puppy, the updates will be somewhat limited or dedicated to photos and memories of before Duke's blog (and before the hard drive crash, hrmph).

I picture my boys doing a lot of this together while I'm gone.
(if you could see my finacee's face, he'd be asleep too)


Bruschi said...

Awww that is so sad that you won't be seeing your little Duke for a few weeks!! I couldn't live a day without seeing my mommy! She went away one time for 3 days and she said NEVER AGAIN without me! BOL! (my mommy has attachment issues)

I hope you get lots and lots of new pictures of Duke and your fiance so that you don't miss him too much! And Duke, I hope you have lots of fun with your family!!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

PS- Sorry about your hard drive!! That is awful!! Good thing you backed up all the pics though! :)

Anonymous said...

Tell your mommy sorry about her computer and not getting to see you're adorable face! I bet you miss her, her feet look like a really great pillow!

Eduardo said...

Sorry bout your computer! Hope you get to go see your Mommy Duke, I know your going to miss her & I know she misses you! Can't wait for updates!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle