Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Duke

I was contacted by Duke's breeder the other day because we had mentioned we wanted to get a second puppy. We really wanted to get another puppy from the same mother (River Run Tape, AKA Brownie) and father (There's Basil in My Coffee <-- I love his call name!). Unfortunately the litter would be born and ready to be picked up right before our wedding. We decided it would be unfair for a new puppy to throw him/her into a wedding mess, so we're going to wait until next year when they breed again.

So it got me thinking about when we first got Duke and decided to put our deposit down, etc etc, so I went back and found his "baby" photos that the breeder sent us.

First photo EVER of the Dukemister. Not a very good picture, we were uncertain so we asked her to send us some more.

Oh Dukey, clearly camera shy. His poor tail down turned.

He looks like a clown! This is when I fell in love with him. He's a charmer.

If you look closely, he's sticking his tongue out.

Here's one I took with my cell phone. He was so tiny! Only seven weeks old. What a babe.

Here is him in my lap in the car. He just wanted to cuddle.

Pshh, what a LONG day. He mostly slept in the car, right in my lap.


Chase said...

omg, Duke you are the CUTEST puggle puppy ever! I've been trying to convince my boyfriend we need a friend for Chase but I'm lucky I was able to convince him to get one!

Good luck with the wedding!


Bruschi said...

Oh Duke, you were a cutie! Such a playful little thing!!
Your mommy is doing the right thing by holding off on a playmate until after the wedding. When is the big day anyways? Will you be in the wedding party Duke? BOL!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

lola said...

aww! baby pictures are the best!!

lola said...

HEY duke!! I tagged you in my latest post. You should check it out and maaaaybe you could do it!!