Monday, February 9, 2009

Oaks Dog Park

Took Mr. Duke to the dog park over the weekend to tire him out. Fiance and I decided we wanted to go dancing Saturday night, and the only way to do that is to make sure we have one tired pup so he doesn't bark at night in the apartment. Success!

Anyway, we took him to the Oaks Dog Park. We figured it would end up somewhat messy and dirty because the weather went from the 20's up to the mid 50's in two days. We arrived to find a giant fenced in mud pit. Since we already drove there, and we had towels in the trunk, we decided to let Duke play.

Fiance says that Duke is the first dog he's ever owned that plays fetch! And Duke does, he really runs after it and brings it back, no questions asked.

Here he is fetching. Notice the shinny ground and his wet chest. This was only the beginning of the mess.

We met a JUG at the dog park. His name was Jack and he was about 6 months old. His legs were SO much shorter than Dukes so when they'd chase after the tennis ball, Jack couldn't even begin to keep up.

I think this is the only picture where Duke paid any attention to Jack. Poor little Jack, all he wanted to do was play and Duke acted like he wasn't even there.

Here is a somewhat close up of Duke COVERED in mud. See it flying off his butt?

This is my favorite photo from the dog park. Not sure why, but I think it's because Duke looks so happy... or the fact he completely missed the ball. Or his tail is so curled and sticking out. Or he only has like, one foot on the ground....


Eduardo said...

Oh Duke your one lucky dog my pawrents would never let me play in that mud pit! That looks like so much fun!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

CoCo said...

Thanks for letting me know that you have to endure all that misery before you eat too. I'm not that lucky...I have to do all that shake, sit, roll over, shake with other paw and look at Mama in the eye before I have to eat. Mama just didn't capture all of that on film. I usually will contest with arguing vocally when I am put to all that work....I will have to get Mama to capture that next time to display to my blog buddies!

Looks like you had a mess of a time at the dog park!


Chase said...

Wow Duke! It looks like you had an awesome time at the dog park! You're mommy takes GREAT pics!

your fellow puggle,

Chase (and his mom Alyson)

Bruschi said...

OMD Duke! Look at all that mud!! Oh what fun!! My mom would never let me play in the mud like that....Eduardo said it right: You are one lucky dog!!
By the way, my mommy says to tell your mommy that she loves your photos!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi