Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Puppy Training

At the beginning of September, Fiance and I signed the Dukester up for puppy training classes at PETCO. I think we have two more classes to go before we're done with the Puppy Class.

So far, trick wise, we've learned:
  • Name recognition
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Walk nicely on a leash!
  • Down (as in lay down)
  • Off
  • Leave it
  • Take it
  • Drop it

I want to take him all the way! This little pup is so food motivated that he can learn a trick in an afternoon. Mostly. We're having a problem with "down." He doesn't understand the word when we speak it, but if we put the treat on the ground he will lay down. From this position, we've also taught him "crawl," which is funny because he likes to climb under the couches, coffee table, bed, and end tables.

The problem I'm having with this class is it isn't helping at all with his behavior. Duke still doesn't listen very well to me (even though I swear I'm following the directions too!). Fiance says that Duke thinks he owns me, which sucks because I've tried a lot of things to get dominance over him. It also has not addressed his separation anxiety. Not one bit, like maybe even made it worse (well probably not, but it's still bad). The trainer has tried to help, but she really hasn't said much about it accept, "This is what happens when you get him SO young!" Well, I can't help the fact that the breeder was going to charge us a boarding fee per week if we left Duke there after seven weeks.

Well, he graduates from Puppy class in 2 weeks. I'm thinking I want to sign him up for the Intermediate class because he really enjoys the training. Fiance wants to sign him up for the Clicker Training which would be cool too. This dog will do anything for food.

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