Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloweeen & Duke

So I'd like to mention that I work next to a costume store. Okay, so I've never lived in a city before, but I didn't know how BIG Halloween could be. There is no parking in the parking lot here! AND to top that, my co-worker just informed me that starting this weekend there will be VALET parking available for people shopping there.

Um. Our parking lot isn't really all that big so I'm not sure valet parking is really justified that way. So I didn't believe him when he told me. So last Saturday when I was working I peeked outside to see 3 people standing there in yellow jackets parking cars for people!

I have to admit I have never actually gone into the Halloween store, but I've tried to peer in. They've darkened the windows because apparently according to my co-worker there is an adult section upstairs at the store. I really don't have the money to spend on a Halloween costume so I figured I'd stay out of there until at least next year when I have no good reason to go in there and see what's up.

It's just like the temptation of spending money. My finance and I are just passing candy out this year, it's not like we're going trick-or-treating (hello, tacky for anyone 9th grade+) or to any Halloween parties considering I don't know anyone in the area! But I went to their websites anyway and they have super cute dog costumes. Dog costumes?! Fiance would kill me if I dressed up Duke. He's told me on numerous occations that there would be no dressing up of the dog if he bought me a small dog. I agreed then, but... but they make a JOKER costume! and BATMAN! and... and... well, they have alot of clothes for dogs.

Not that Duke really needs a costume either, it's not like he's going to any parties or going trick-or-treating either. He can't eat candy though I'm sure he'd like it if he tried it. He can't even pick between the Joker or Batman, so does it really matter? He'd probably chew it anyway. He doesn't chew the sweatshirt I bought him (not that he didn't try for an hour the first time I put it on).

I guess Halloween is still like 10 days away, I still have time to sneak over and get him something. Maybe they'll have a last minute sale or something.

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